Rise of the Rest with Steve Case

Compete for a $100,000 Investment from Steve Case.

Steve Case and the Rise of the Rest team will be visiting Harrisburg-Lancaster-York for their next official tour. Eight finalists are selected in each city for a pitch competition and the winner will receive a $100,000 personal investment from Steve Case! The Harrisburg-Lancaster-York pitch competition will occur on Tuesday, October 10.

BOLD IDEA: Does the idea “swing for the fences” and have the potential to disrupt a big industry, affect your community, or even change the world? JOBS: Will the idea, if it scales, employ a large number of people? TEAM: Does the team have the skills and leadership to move forward on this idea? EXECUTION: Is there strong customer growth or revenue? BUSINESS MODEL: Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic & sustainable? SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: The quality of your application responses and other supporting materials such as pitch deck, company website, product demo, video introduction.

• Have a live product/service or be in active beta. • Have measurable performance indicators such as revenue, customers, successful beta results. • Currently be raising – or have near-term plans to raise – an early stage round. • Be headquartered within 75 miles of the city where you are applying to pitch.  DEADLINE: AUGUST 15, 5:00 PM

QUESTIONS? Connect with your local contact:
HARRISBURG David Black: gro.c1503433076rgbh@1503433076kcalb1503433076d1503433076, 717-232-4099
LANCASTER Lisa Riggs: moc.r1503433076etsac1503433076nalcd1503433076e@sgg1503433076irl1503433076, 717-397-4046
YORK Kevin Schreiber: gro.a1503433076p-aec1503433076y@niv1503433076ek1503433076, 717-848-4000

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