Our Portfolio Companies: Life Sciences Ideas on the Path to Commercialization

The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania invests in healthcare technology at the earliest stages of commercialization with the aim of improving human life and health while providing a strong base for regional business development. We then apply our high-level strategic and operational skills toward advancing new product development and giving each of our portfolio companies the best possible chance of successfully bringing their technology to market.

In particular, our portfolio companies are generating innovations in materials, research tools, devices and diagnostics, drug discovery and healthcare IT.

  • The Funding Process

    The Funding Process

    The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania provides investment funding up to $1 million in milestone-driven convertible…

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  • Our Resource Center


    It’s a familiar scenario. You hear about a discovery that could lead to the cure for this disease or that debilitating…

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  • The 'PA' in LSGPA


    The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania’s 42-county service area contains more than 60 institutions of higher …

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