Pacific Edge Diagnostics, Ltd. to Build a Laboratory and Office Facility in Hershey

Jack D. Atchason, Executive Director of The Hershey Center for Applied Research (HCAR), responds to the question, “How has HCAR repeatedly been able to convince emerging foreign companies that HCAR is the place for them to launch their US business? In particular, how did companies like Pacific Edge Diagnostics, from New Zealand, and vivoPharm and IDE, both from Australia, decide on Central PA over the West Coast or other more established tech communities?”

“It’s all about the tenacious execution of the value proposition that HCAR and our Region possesses that has made the difference with Pacific Edge and the other Australian companies, says Jack Atchason, Executive Director at HCAR.

Facing the proposition of launching a business in the US there is much to consider. Having a credible presence on the ground to assist with the planning and evaluation process makes a big difference. The HCAR staff fills that need. From the earliest engagement and continuously throughout the process the company must feel your desire to understand their needs, concerns, challenges, opportunities, and be able to design solutions directly or bring resources to the table to help in this regard. Understanding the resources available and how to generate new resources if unavailable, that helps the prospect company overcome a challenge or fill a need is critical. Also, making direct business connections for early business opportunities are also critical. The HCAR staff worked diligently to assist Pacific Edge in critical elements of their work.

This took coordination and teamwork of public and private elements in the economic development community of our region. The Commonwealth of PA and specifically The Department of Community and Economic Development and The Office of International Business Development helped considerably. CREDC, the LSGPA, Unilife, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine, all played a part.  If we can continue to work together in a coordinated fashion we will be successful in continuing this momentum. Our region has so much going for it as a strategic location for emerging technology companies; we just have to continue to collaborate.

Pacific Edge Diagnostics, Ltd. is a leading developer of cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests. Its first product offering Cxbladder® has diagnostic and prognostic capabilities to Bladder Cancer, one of the most costly types of cancer to diagnose and treat.

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