Myriad Supreme Court Case Has Promising Outcome for Immunomic Therapeutics

Rockville, MD, June 19, 2013 — In a case involving leading molecular diagnostic company Myriad Genetics, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously last Thursday that human genes cannot be patented. The Court invalidated Myriad’s patents on two breast cancer genes because Myriad’s patented genes were found in nature; therefore, Myriad had not invented anything when it received patents for the genes in 1996. However, the court did determine that manipulations of genes and DNA remain patentable, upholding patents for cDNA.

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI) is pleased to announce that the Court’s decision does not affect the Company’s intellectual property including its issued patents covering the LAMP Technology Platform.  In addition to having no direct impact on LAMP vaccines, including all work to date, the ruling gives the company access to data that promises to serve ITI well moving forward. ITI’s Lysosome-Associated Membrane Protein (LAMP) patents do not directly claim the LAMP genes in the primary claims, instead claiming both the four-amino-acid sequence that targets the lysosome and the luminal domain of LAMP linked to other DNA sequences.  None of the constructs used by ITI could be found in Nature, and as such, the Court’s ruling will not hinder ITI’s future innovations in plasmid vaccines.

In fact, the Court’s ruling favors the company’s future work. As President and CEO Bill Hearl, Ph.D pointed out, “This decision gives ITI access to all of the cancer tumor markers that have been discovered to date.” As the company considers advancing its research in oncology, Dr. Hearl also remarked, “This information will provide our company with an immense advantage. This ruling was the best possible outcome for ITI.”

About Immunomic Therapeutics
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI) is a privately-held clinical stage biotechnology company headquartered in Hershey, PA with lab facilities in Rockville, MD.  ITI is developing next generation vaccines based on its patented LAMP Technology platform. LAMP-Vax vaccine technology has the potential to significantly increase the effectiveness of the immune response to nucleic acid vaccines while simplifying overall vaccine design and delivery, yielding safer, more cost-effective human and animal therapies. Our LAMP constructs have been validated in human clinical trials for cancer and have been applied to a wide breadth of targets including allergy and infectious diseases.

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