INDIGO Biosciences Now Offers PXR

INDIGO Biosciences now offers Pregnane X Receptor (PXR) assay kits and services for the study of metabolism and Drug-Drug interactions.

INDIGO Biosciences, a recognized industry-leading provider of nuclear receptor products and services, announced today that it has completed development and licensing of Pregnane X Receptor (PXR) technology. Kits and services are available for immediate purchase in both Human and Rat PXR.

PXR regulates genes critically involved in metabolism. It plays an important role in how many drugs and chemicals we regularly encounter affect our bodies. This includes antibiotics, steroids, and even some herbal supplements. Testing for PXR activation can help determine whether or not a drug is going to interact with another. It has been estimated that unwanted activation of PXR is responsible for 60% of all drug-drug interactions. Drug development strategies typically include early counter-screening of drug candidates to identify, and eliminate, those with significant bioactivity to PXR.

PXR’s importance spans across the pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, and agri-business industries. INDIGO’s new PXR assay kits include everything required to properly screen for PXR activation.

“We are excited to add PXR Kits and Services to our portfolio. It represents a significant expansion opportunity and enhances our industry leading position,” says Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel, Chief Scientific Officer.

INDIGO’s PXR assay kits are cell-based assay systems. The assay kits are all-inclusive systems, including optimized media for use during cell culture and in preparing test compound treatments, a PXR reference agonist, luciferase detection reagents, and an assay plate.

About INDIGO Biosciences, Inc.
INDIGO Biosciences was founded in 2005 in State College, Pennsylvania, and has established itself as an industry-leading provider of both products and services focused on nuclear receptors. INDIGO offers both screening services and assay kits for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agri-business, nutriceutical industries, as well as government research agencies and academic researchers.

For more information on INDIGO’s PXR assay kit, or any other product, please visit


Tonya Dher
INDIGO Biosciences, Inc.
+1 (814) 234-1919 Ext: 133

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