Ron Thiboutot, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President

Ronald P. Thiboutot, Ph.D., is senior vice president of science and technology for the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania. His responsibilities include identifying promising new areas of technology, reviewing science and business opportunities, and investing in seed stage opportunities. Dr. Thiboutot oversees technical due diligence of the funded companies and provides technical and business mentoring to funded applicants. Dr. Thiboutot sits on six corporate and economic development boards and provides interim CEO services for selected start-ups as required.

Prior to joining the Life Sciences Greenhouse, Dr. Thiboutot was president of RT Consultants, Inc. which provided technical, equipment procurement, and facility design consulting services to the US and EU pharmaceutical industry. Among his other employers were Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he was the plant director of the vaccine manufacturing facility located in Marietta, PA; Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he worked in the international technology transfer division; and Baxter Travenol. He currently serves as CEO of RAS Therapeutics, Inc.

Dr. Thiboutot holds a bachelor of science, master of science, and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and has been active in numerous U.S. and international pharmaceutical trade organizations during his 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

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