LSGPA: A Venture Capital Investment Company for Life Sciences Enterprises in Central Pennsylvania

At the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania (LSGPA), we are committed to advancing the life sciencesA cluster of scientific disciplines concerned with human life and health. Included are many branches of biology (e.g., molecular biology, cell biology) and chemistry (e.g., biochemistry), as well as some areas of genetics, physics and materials science, among others. and improving the lives of Pennsylvanians through innovations in healthcare and enhanced economic opportunity.

Since 2002, we have been actively funding healthcare technology companies in their very earliest stages, from emerging entities and companies seeking to expand or relocate, to university-based researchers or technology development groups.

In addition to seed and pre-seed life sciences funding, we also provide connections to angel investors, strategic partners and resources, as well as high-level life science consulting expertise that drives companies forward and enables the transition from discovery to commercialization.

Our team offers years of collective entrepreneurial, operational and corporate governance experience. And the relationships forged both within and beyond our office walls add extraordinary value to our portfolio companies.

To earn our partnership, you need more than breakthrough biotechnology that can conceivably be commercialized. You must also demonstrate a long-term commitment to Pennsylvania and a high likelihood of raising matching fundsSome LSGPA investments (including all investments over $­250,000) require an equivalent investment from other, non-state sources. Potential sources of matching funds include grants, angel investors, and certain types of in-kind services. and/or follow\-on fundingAny funding that comes into the company after LSGPA's investment. May include money from grants, friends and family, angel investors, or venture capital firms..

When biotechnology advances healthcare and the regional economy, every Pennsylvania resident wins. If you meet these criteria, apply now.

LSGPA History and Mission

LSGPA was created expressly to stimulate creation and growth of new life sciences enterprises. The organization partners with a range of institutions, including local research universitiesCentral Pennsylvania has three large research universities: Lehigh University, Penn State University, and the Penn State Hershey College of Medicine. , colleges, medical centers, economic development agencies and companies small and large to identify needs and opportunities. LSGPA then works to help transfer technologies, develop new companies, provide support for existing companies (particularly those seeking to expand or relocate), and ensure that the infrastructure necessary to support a thriving life sciences industry keeps pace with development.

LSGPA Investment Philosophy

LSGPA’s investment philosophy is consistent with its ambitions to improve human health and provide a strong base for regional business development. A typical investment is founded on a novel life sciences technology with strong market potential that is supported by a skilled management team and sound financial plan. Further, the investee will have demonstrated a long-term commitment to Pennsylvania and a high likelihood of raising matching funds and/or follow-on funding.

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